Digging in the Dirt Really Makes you Happy

Kyle Barnhart

Most gardeners know that diggiing in the dirt makes them happy and some call it thearapeutic.  Now, scientists have identified soil micorbes that have been found to have similar effects as antidepressants on the brain without the side effects and dependencies when using medication such as Prozac.

For centuries natural remidies have been around to include cures for physical as well as emotional conditions.  Now modern scientits are trying to unravel what ancient healers knew.  This includes a verifiable link between soil micorbes and human health.  There is a bacterian in the soil known as Mucobaterium vaccea and has been shown to mirror the effects drugs like Prozac on our nervous system.  The bacteria may stimulate the production of seritonin, a substance in the brain that makes us feel relaxed and happier.  The lack of seritonin has been linked to depression, anxiety and other medical conditions.  Studies have shown that while working in our gardens we inhale and touch the bacteria where it enters our bloodstream, similar to how we may pick up a common cold.  Once in our bloodstream it increases our seretonin levels, making us feel happier with the effects lasting up to 3 weeks.  So, get out and dig in the dirt, it may just improve your mood.

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