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Seed Starting & Planting

Seed Starting & Planting


We are pleased to offer a selection of vegetable, herb and flower seeds from High Mowing Organic.  High Mowing is a small seed company located in Vermont and all their seeds organic and GMO free, you can learn more about High Mowing seeds by clicking here.

To make shopping easier, please print out the list of seeds available before you come to shop or send us an email to place a curbside pick up order.  Orders can be sent to guiniridge.com.  You can find the full list of seeds we offer at:

Seed List

Seed Starting Timing

Determining when to plant your seeds can be quite a challenge.  Some seeds, like peas you can plant as soon as you can get into your garden in April, while others the soil needs time to warm into late May or early June.  To help decide we have put together the following table to indicate when to plant here on the Midcoast area.

Crop # of Weeks Required Start Date Transplant Date
Basil 6 15-Apr 27-May
Beets* 4 to 6 25-Mar 06-May
Broccoli 4 to 6 25-Mar 06-May
Cabbage 4 to 6 11-Mar 22-Apr
Cauliflower 4 to 6 25-Mar 06-May
Corn* 2 to 4 22-Apr 20-May
Cucumber 3 to 4 29-Apr 27-May
Eggplant 8 to 10 25-Mar 03-Jun
Kale 4 to 6 11-Mar 22-Apr
Lettuce 4 to 5 18-Mar 22-Apr
Melons 3 to 4 06-May 03-Jun
Parsley 9 to 10 19-Feb 29-Apr
Peas* 3 to 4 06-May 03-Jun
Peppers 8 08-Apr 03-Jun
Pumpkins 3 to 4 06-May 03-Jun
Spinach 4 to 6 25-Mar 06-May
Squash 3 to 4 06-May 03-Jun
Swiss Chard 4 to 6 25-Mar 06-May
Tomatoes 6 to 8 01-Apr 27-May
Watermelon 3 to 4 06-May 03-Jun
Calendula* 6 to 8 25-Mar 20-May
Sunflowers* 4 22-Apr 20-May
Zinnia 4 29-Apr 27-May

* Can be direct sown

Succession Planting

Many crops can be planting in smaller batches more frequently to extend your harvest to last the summer, this is know as succession planting.  For example, you can plant green beans every 10 days to make sure you can harvest fresh beans for your table all summer long.  This is especially important for those crops that once mature do not hold or keep producing over time or that tend to slow down as the season moves along.  Make sure you leave some space in your garden planning for those crops that you can succession plant.

Variety Days to Maturity Interval Between Plantings 1st Planting Final Planting
Beans 55 10 30-May 23-Jul
Beets 50 14 30-Apr 28-Jul
Cucumber 60 21 30-May 18-Jul
Kale/Collard/Broccoli 60 21 30-Apr 31-Aug
Lettuce 55 14 15-May 07-Aug
Melons 70 21 30-May 08-Jul
Radish 26 7 30-Apr 04-Sep
Spinach 40 7 30-Apr 20-Sep
Summer Squash 48 42 30-May 13-Aug
Basil 68 14 30-May 10-Jul
Cilantro 50 14 15-May 12-Aug
Zinnia 75 21 30-May 26-Jun

If you have any questions about when to start plants inside, when to plant seeds or seedlings outside or how to succession plant, please let us know.  We are happy to help.

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