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Virginia Bluebells

Virginia Bluebells

Mertensia virginica

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A signature native woodland plant, this selection is a must for its incredible show of early season color and its strong native critter virtues. Foliage emerges early, just as the weather starts warming in March, with its long, oval shape and blue-green color, followed quickly by a spike that rises above, clustered heavily with buds. These buds open in early to mid-April showing off long, trumpet-like flowers that start pink but rapidly turn blue. Blooming until early to mid-May, Virginia Bluebells stay in flower just long enough to wow you with flower power that is outsized for such a small plant, much to the benefit of early season moths, butterflies and native bees that cherish this early nectar source. Mertensia is an ephemeral, meaning it disappears in the landscape as warmer weather approaches in early summer. Rest assured it will be back next spring as long as it you plant it in moist woodland areas where it thrives and spreads.

  • »  Native
  • »  Great early season color
  • »  Pink flowers open early to mid April and turn blue
  • »  Attracts moths, bees, and butterflies


Plant Height: 18-24 inches
Plant Spread: 15-18 inches
Color: Blue

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