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Japanese Variegated Iris

Japanese Variegated Iris

Iris ensata Variegata


As summer starts warming up, the Japanese Iris like ‘Variegata’ begin to bloom along the edges of streams or ponds. Although they love water, they will grow well in areas with consistent moisture and will tolerate even drier soils once their bloom is past. The feature that makes this selection so sought after is its wide, lance-like green and white striped leaves that are dramatic by themselves but stunning when you add the drooping purple flowers in late June or early July! Plant it in groups for an eye catching display that will light up any water feature!

  • »  Thrives on the edges of streams and ponds
  • »  Wide green and white striped leaves
  • »  Purple flowers begin to bloom in late June or early July


Plant Height: 12-24 inches
Plant Spread: 20-24 inches
Color: Purple/Lavender

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