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False Solomon’s Seal

False Solomon’s Seal

Maianthemum racemosum


A unique form that features clumps of unbranched stems that gracefully arch to create a delightful garden fountain of oval green foliage. Feathery, creamy white flowers are borne at the end of the arches and are followed by green berries that ripen to red in fall. Perfect for shade!

  • »  Native song birds prize this plant’s fall berries
  • »  Outstanding, unique plant form is stunning
  • »  Stem ending bloom attracts native pollinators
  • »  Perfect for the shade garden
  • »  Stunning planted singly or in groups
Plant Height: 2-3 feet
Plant Spread: 1-2 feet

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Local Pick/Delivery only

Product Info

Growing Tips

Plant in full to part shade in average well-drained soil. Should it be grouped with other plants, it is best when massed with other native perennials. Maianthemum racemosum does not like to be transplanted once established.


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