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Kodiak® RedBush Honeysuckle

Kodiak® RedBush Honeysuckle

Diervilla sp Kodiak® Red


Diervilla sp Kodiak® Red

Rugged beauty for the toughest spots in your landscape. Kodiak® Red diervilla is a native flowering shrub that looks great while shrugging off shade and problem soils. New growth emerges in spring with a deep burgundy tone and turns vivid red in fall. During summer, leaves have a red edge and clusters of small yellow flowers appear all season. It’s a simple but beautiful way to add low-maintenance color to parts of your yard that have been difficult to landscape.

  • »  One of the toughest landscape plants around
  • »  Foliage emerges red and turns bright red in fall.
  • »  Yellow flowers all summer long.
  • »  Continuous bloom or rebloomer
  • »  Long blooming
  • »  Foliage interest
  • »  Fall interest
  • »  Deadheading not necessary
  • »  Drought tolerant



Plant Height: 3-4 feet
Plant Spread: 4-5 feet
Color: Red

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Product Info

Growing Tips

Diervilla needs very little care – if you'd like to prune it, do so in early spring. It does not require regular pruning, but if it starts to get a little sparse as it matures, cut it back to the ground in early spring for a fresh start.


3 Gal