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Little Goblin® Orange Winterberry

Little Goblin® Orange Winterberry

Ilex verticillata Little Goblin® Orange


Ilex verticillata Little Goblin® Orange

Little Goblin® Orange winterberry holly lights up the darkest season with dozens of extra-large, bright orange berries.

Smaller habit makes it much more landscape-friendly than other winterberry hollies – Little Goblin Orange is just 3-4′ tall and wide. In order to get fruit, you will need to plant Little Goblin® Guy winterberry holly as a pollinator – one Little Goblin® Guy will pollinate 5-7 Little Goblin® Orange and/or Little Goblin® Red plants. Plant the male within 50′ of the female varieties to ensure a heavy berry set.

  • »  Winter interest
  • »  Salt tolerant
  • »  Bog plant
  • »  Bright orange berries
  • »  3-4′ tall and wide
Plant Height: 3-4 feet
Plant Spread: 3-4 feet
Color: Orange

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Growing Tips

Avoid pruning female winterberry hollies except to remove any dead wood and shape the plant, which can be done in early spring. Other varieties of male winterberry holly may be suitable to pollinate Little Goblin Orange, though we recommend Little Goblin Guy, which blooms at the same time, ensuring a good berry display.


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