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Red Splendor Crabapple

Red Splendor Crabapple

Malus Red Splendor

Malus Red Splendor

Litter is not a problem with this crab, developed by Melvin Bergeson of Fertile, Minnesota, as the small bright red fruit never falls. The fruit does make excellent food for wildlife. The foliage is glossy reddish-green, turning reddish-purple in fall.

  • »  Bright pink flowers in spring
  • »  Attracts birds
  • »  The fruit persists on the tree
Plant Height: 20-25 feet
Plant Spread: 20-25 feet
Color: Rose/Pink

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Local Pick/Delivery only

Growing Tips

Plant in full sun and water occasionally once it is established. Prune as needed in late winter.


7 Gal

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