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Tulip Tree

Tulip Tree

Liriodendron tulipifera

One of the most upright and stunning eastern hardwoods. The Tulip Tree has a straight trunk with big showy flowers that pop from each branch. These blooms are yellow-orange in color and resemble a cross between tulips and lilies. Nectar is produced by these flowers which bees love for honey production. Foliage will turn colors with the fall months transitioning from a green into a bright gold. Ideal for a lawn or large landscape to do its increasing size.

  • »  Produces nectar loved by pollinators.
  • »  Large, showy, yellow-orange flowers.
  • »  Great shade tree.
  • »  Ideal for large landscapes or yards.
Plant Height: 60-90 feet
Plant Spread: 30-50 feet
Color: Orange

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