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Geisha Garlic Chives

Geisha Garlic Chives

Allium tuberosum

An absolute must-have for the well-dressed herb garden or container display, Geisha garlic chives is a perennial with larger with delicious foliage, topped by beautiful white blooms that bring butterflies into the late-summer garden. Reluctant to flower, it offers a longer-than-ever season of harvest, and ends with a flourish so beautiful you’ll thank your lucky stars this plant is a perennial!

Geisha is a long, slender, elegant, gourmet garlic chives, its hollow stems wider and flatter than others. The flavor is “more refined,” according to the All-America Selection judges who awarded Geisha top honors in 2015. Flavor is not harshly garlicky, but highly aromatic and delicately but robustly flavored.

Plant Height: 12"
Plant Spread: 10"

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