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Dart’s Blue Flowering Periwinkle

Dart’s Blue Flowering Periwinkle

Vinca minor Darts Blue

Dreamy, dark blue flowers with a hint of lavender will make this dependable groundcover come alive with luscious color starting in early May and continuing intermittently well into the summer months. Its deep bloom brings out the best in any shaded area and makes a subtle yet superb contrast with its lustrous, deep green foliage that lines up tightly along thin pendulous stems. ‘Dart’s Blue is a gardeners’ dream for shady, tough areas where it seems nothing wants to grow. ‘Dart’s Blue’ thrives in these spots and is one of the best plants anywhere to help prevent erosion and hold soil.

  • »  Dark blue flowers with a hint of lavender
  • »  Dependable ground cover
  • »  Lustrous, deep green foliage
  • »  Thin, pendulous stems
  • »  One of the best plants to prevent erosion and hold soil
Plant Height: 6-10 inches
Plant Spread: 15-18 inches

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