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North Pole® Arvorvitae

North Pole® Arvorvitae

Thuja occidentalis North Pole®

North Pole® is an easy to grow evergreen that will thrive in your landscape through thick or thin. Actually, thick or thin may be the perfect analogy for this plant. Its thin form will make you sit up and take notice as it stays thinner than ‘Emerald Green’, one of the most popular Arborvitae sold today. While it stays thin and narrow, its tightly held, fan-like foliage covers its narrow form thickly to produce a plant that impenetrable to vision making it a wonderful hedge plant when planted en masse. Its form and ease of growth also make it a perfect single specimen plant for any narrow space in the sunny or partially sunny landscape. North Pole®, unlike other Arborvitae, is also masterful about retaining its dark, deep green foliage color even in the harshest of winters, a claim among other like Thuja that is often made but less often truly borne out. North Pole® prefers moist, well drained soil but will be tolerant of drier soil once established.

  • »  Easy to grow
  • »  Evergreen
  • »  Thin, narrow form
  • »  Tightly held, fan-like foliage covers the narrow form
  • »  Great hedge plant when planted en masse, also a good specimen
  • »  Retains dark, deep green color in harsh winters
  • »  Tolerant of dry soils
Plant Height: 10-15 feet
Plant Spread: 3-5 feet

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