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Let’s Dance Can Do Hydrangea

Let’s Dance Can Do Hydrangea

Hydrangea serrata Let’s Dance Can Do

One look at Let’s Dance Can Do hydrangea tells you it’s beautiful – but there’s more to this innovative new hydrangea than that. It has the unique ability to create flower buds along the entire length of the stem instead of only at the top like other big-leaf hydrangeas. That means that even if winter does its worst and kills back a portion of the plant, there will still be flower buds to open in early summer. Let’s Dance Can Do also reblooms quicker than others: in other words, you won’t have to wait until fall to see the new flowers. And about those flowers! They are lacecaps, but the size and quantity of the showy sterile florets obscures the tiny fertile florets. Flowers are a luscious strawberry pink in neutral/alkaline soils and a lovely lavender in acidic ones.

  • »  Reblooming
  • »  Elegant lacecaps flowers
  • »  Unique ability to create flower buds on entire length of stem
Plant Height: 36-48 inches
Plant Spread: 36-38 inches

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