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White Fringetree

White Fringetree

Chionanthus virginicus

This easy to grow and widely underused American Beauties selection is the perfect combination of beauty, utility, and wildlife attractiveness. Long, wide, deep green spear-like leaves cover this multi-stemmed small tree and serve as a perfect backdrop for 4-6 drooping strings of white fringe-like petals from mid-May to mid-June. In late summer, bunches of dark, bluish-black fruit appear, providing prized food for local birds and other garden critters. Even with its attractive fruit and flowers, Fringetree may save its best show for last with a bright yellow fall foliage display that is as bright as it is beautiful. Use Fringetree in your landscape in any sunny location that calls for a small specimen or it can even be grouped along the border to form a unique hedge or windbreak that will enhance your landscape with its ability to house many colorful local birds.

  • »  Easy to grow
  • »  Native
  • »  Green, spear-like leaves
  • »  White fringelike blooms May and June
  • »  Attracts birds
  • »  Attracts butterflies
  • »  Beautiful fall foliage
  • »  Lightly fragrant
  • »  Great specimen or border plant
Plant Height: 25-30 feet
Color: White/Cream

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