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Pink Heartbreaker Redbud

Pink Heartbreaker Redbud

Cercis canadensis Pink Heartbreaker

It will be hard to resist this newest weeping form of Eastern Redbud not just because of its brilliant spring bloom but because of its improved branching habit that is stronger and wider spreading than ‘Covey’. While ‘Covey’ forms a tighter, more narrow, more formal weeping tree, ‘Pink Heartbreaker’ rambles, tumbles and meanders a bit more with its branching giving you a far less formal specimen to work with in your landscape. The bloom, like all Cercis, is fantastic with hoardes of small, lavender-pink buds that are held tightly to branches opening in late April before the foliage emerges. Its a unique look that lasts until mid-May when its rounded foliage emerges red before maturing to deep green as summer approaches. Plant ‘Pink Heartbreaker’ in full sun in a place where it is protected from the harshest of the winter winds.

  • »  Weeping form
  • »  Strong, wide branching habit
  • »  Less formal specimen
  • »  Profuse small, lavender-pink buds
  • »  Foliage changes from red to green


Plant Height: 12-15 feet
Plant Spread: 10-12 feet

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