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Lady in Red Lady Fern

Lady in Red Lady Fern

Athyrium filix femina Lady in Red

This impressive shade lover is one of the most tolerant ferns you can grow while providing a subtle injection of color into an area that may need a little shaking up at times! Lacy, deep green fronds are held aloft by vibrant burgundy stems to create a bi-color fountain effect in the landscape that is outstanding and loaded with texture. ‘Lady in Red’ forms a sizeable clump as it matures and provides excellent cover to a number of native songbirds while providing nesting material from dried fronds. Plant it in groups in moist soils for best performance but ‘Lady in Red’ is one of the most tolerant ferns of slightly drier soils, too!

  • »  Lacy, deep green fronds
  • »  Ruby red stems
  • »  Beautiful bi-color fountain effect
  • »  Forms a sizable clump as it matures
  • »  Native
  • »  Great in groups
Plant Height: 30-36 inches
Plant Spread: 30-36 inches

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